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Dainese Rainsun

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Here at moda2ride, we carry a huge range of Dainese motorcycle clothing, from stylish 1 and 2 piece leather suits, to a superb offering of separate fashionable motorcycle leather jackets, waterproof jackets and waterproof motorcycle trousers, all with the primary function of providing as much safety and comfort to the rider as possible.

In addition, there are Dainese boots such as the TRQ-Tour GTX along with leather gloves like the Full Metal RS and waterproof Gore-Tex® gloves, like the Carbon GTX X-Trafit within our huge range. Furthermore all products are manufactured using the famous premium build quality standards (as a minimum a two year warranty is provided) which all discerning moda2ride customers come to expect.

Whilst on the rare occasions a clothing item shown is not currently in stock (though many are) if we don't have an item of clothing you want, we can often order it from the manufacturers directly and then ship it out to you in around 7 working days. So please give us a call on 07836 731397, as we can tell usually tell you about availability there and then.

With many years of experience in motorcycle racing and street biking, Dainese fully understands motorcycle rider requirements, whether you ride a full super sports bike or a scooter around town. Whatever you're trying to find from this iconic brand, moda2ride can help. Please browse our substantial range of the latest motorbike gearand prepare to be surprised and delighted in equal measure!

Dainese performance through history...

Dainese is actually recognised as one of the most respected companies in the motorcycling world because of its high build standards, focus on safety, practicality and cutting edge design know-how. It created the ground breaking D-airsafety system for example, used by many of the top racers and now also installed on many street bikes

In the 70's, Dainese were the first motorcycle clothing manufacturers to develop the knee slider specifically to respond to the new position racers were putting themselves in. Other developments in the past include development of the first back protector, the first overall protective leather suit, incorporation of aerodynamics features, the use of carbon fibre inserts and not forgetting the outstanding D-air safety system. Thanks to utilising cutting edge technology Dainese remain one of the most sort after and desirable brands in the motorcycling world today.

Our Clothing performance...

The premium quality, comfort and style of something like the Stradon Gore-Tex® jacket really has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. Also, another example of a sublime jacket that performs as well as it looks is the EU safety compliant Super Speed Pelle. The way in which the unique protective D-skin leather feels against the skin, soft and supple but extremely strong, looks and feels the business on any stretch of road or racetrack.

Valentino Rossi and Guy Martin get paid to ride and wear the famous Dainese leathers, but you will also discover loads of other individuals who become excited at the prospect of donning this iconinc clothing brand.. You don't have to be a 9 times world champion to enjoy high level performance like the superb D-air Race suit.

DAINESE is generally one of the foremost brands to be licenced to create and make Gore-Tex® motorcycle clothing and they use this particular waterproof technology throughout many products, including boots, gloves, jackets and trousers. As you'd expect these are amongst the most stylish Gore-Tex® goods you can possibly acquire in the UK! Plus, a five year warranty is available on all Gore-Tex® jackets and trousers.

For price performance, the Dainese D-Dry® system is hard to beat. Fully waterproof boots, gloves jackets and trousers are available in this Dainese developed and patented product. These clothes are every bit as waterproof as other technologies, but come at a much more cost effective price. Jackets like the durable Temporale D-Dry®really should be considered if you intend to ride all year round.

You may not be aware of this but, Dainese also remain at the forefront of providing clothing and equipment that has safety with style to skiers, mountain bikers and horse riders.

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